If you have never done Yoga before or are relatively new , find a class on our schedule that has the words: beginner , basic , yin , slow flow , restorative. These are great classes to attend to get the feel of yoga and an understanding for the practice.

Step Two:

Step Three , attend your first class! Congrats on taking the first two steps , now let us take the reign and guide you on a journey to better health and wellness.

Step One:

Find the Class Package that works for you . We have great offers that are very affordable. You can choose from a month , individual passes or grouped class packages.

You've come to the right place, your journey to a better understanding of who you are begins right now ! Whether the idea of starting or continuing your yoga practice was for the physical benefits , the emotional , mental and spiritual healing that comes along with a steady yoga practice is transformative . So are you ready to begin? Good , here are the steps you should take to start.

Cancellation Policy :

 Our New Student $30 auto renew 3 month program starts after the first month ends . It auto renews each month.
Please give us written notice if you wish to cancel this program. New student $30 for unlimited month carries the same
policy. Please adhere to our refund policy.