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Welcome! Find answers to your questions about what the classes are here!

Hot Powerful Flow: We offer a different type of hot flow then the traditional studio , yes we do turn up the heat ( 75-90) degrees , we combine the heat with the bodys own heat to create power through the poses . This class isn't to be feared as we adapt each class to the energy of the students. Come ready to be challenged plus to get stronger and more flexible .

Beginners :For those completely new to yoga. These classes will introduce you to the basics of the yoga practice with special attention to your bodies alignment, breath, and safety. You will become familiar with the fundamental standing, seated, and balancing, poses and learn about the physical and mental effects yoga has on your body, mind and breath.


Basics (Levels 1-2) Suitable for beginners and those who would like to reacquaint themselves with the fundamentals of the practice of yoga. These classes will build on the fundamental and introduce you to inversions and more backbends. May include simple introduction to breathing practices and meditation.


Intermediate (Levels 2-3) Introducing some of the more challenging poses recommended for people who are ready to explore variations of arm balances, backbends and more pranayama. Students should be familiar with the basic principles of alignment and a wide range of asana.


All Levels  (Levels 1-3) Mixed level class where the teacher will give modifications and alternatives according to students abilities. May include inversion and  back bends.

Vinyasa Open Level Flow : This means that it is a good flow for those who have attended yoga before. More emphasis focused on the breath and movement. (recommended that you have done yoga at least once before.)

 Beginners Vinyasa flow: This is a great place to start! If you have never done yoga before or are very new to the practice. This class is great place with emphasis placed on building a foundational base for your practice.

Core Yoga Foundations: This class is designed to focus on the core of your body to build strength in your practice. When the core is strong your practice feels better! Good for all levels even beginners.

Yoga Basics: A place to come if you are new or just looking for a fun yoga basics class to build your practice.Emphasis around standing and balancing postures to build strength and flexibility.

Beginners Ashtanga Yoga:

This is not for someone completely new to yoga but new to the style of Ashtanga ,here we will teach you the primary series which is the sequence in which the Ashtanga yoga is followed.

Ashtanga primary series: Ashtanga is a practice that starts with a couple of sun salutations A and B. It then has a series that is designed to flow right into the next pose. This is a fun and challenging practice. That is very rooted in spirituality and chanting. Come see what all the fun is about! This is more for the experienced practitioner who has at least 5-8 Vinyasa flow classes of experience.

Mysore Ashtanga yoga: This is a class to come in and practice the series. You can have a few poses you'd like to work on or work on the whole thing! The teacher doesn't lead but will help assist you in and out of poses and answer any questions about your practice. You can come to this class and practice any style of yoga on your own. Perhaps you just want to come and meditate or find some quiet mat time. This is a good place to do so !

Yoga for Every body: This class is focused to give people with different style bodies the opportunity to come and practice and learn how to practice in a safe and accepting environment. You will learn how to create space for your body and modifications to create a flow that strengthens your body.

Yin Yoga: This gentle quiet practice takes you down onto your mat and primarily keeps you there the duration of your practice. This restorative type of yoga quiets the mind with meditation and has you holding gentle floor and some standing postures between 3-5 mins at a time. This allows you to get into the deeper section of your muscles and experience a full release of tension. This class is good for everyone . Especially those looking to heal both physically and mentally.

Deep Stretch Vinyasa : This restorative style flow brings you in and out of the sun salutations with mindfulness as the root of your practice. Stretching deeper into the mind and muscles, you will feel as if you jut received a full body massage once you leave. Find strength and balance along with opening of the body. Good for all levels of practitioners.

Slow Flow Yoga by candlelight : Come slow slow slow it down , soft music, candles, the teachers calm voice guiding you in and out of poses. Go home feeling relaxed and ready for a great night of sleep!

Power Yoga: The name says it all! Come turn up the volume on your practice and get fun and flirty with inversions, arm balances and some sweat producing sun salutations!

Energizing Vinyasa Flow: Find strength and flexibility in moderate paced class designed to challenge you and build a mindful practice. Try poses to help you gain strength and flixibilty and feel invigorated by the upbeat music and wonderful teacher guidance.