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Brittany's yoga journey began in 2006. Throughout college Brittany used yoga to deal with stress and find herself. In 2012 she graduated from Bhumi's Yoga Teacher Training. Upon graduation Brittany taught yoga for women overcoming substance abuse at The Community Assessment Treatment Services Center (CATS), Prenatal yoga at Krysia Energy Yoga, served as an assistant for Bhumi's Yoga Teacher Training in 2014 and 2015. For the past two summers Brittany has joyfully spread her yoga teachings throughout the community at Edgewater Beach and Lakewood Park. Brittany teaches from the heart with love, respect and compassion for each individual. She believes yoga is truly for every body.

Brittany Nock .Bio coming soon.  Her teaching is as beautiful and loving as her photo.

Sam "Sunshine" Murphy . Bio coming soon but believe me her personality is as big and bright as her photo! Join her for a class!

Jessica Ferenc bio coming soon. Deeply passionate and loves to teach , you'll find nothing but love  in her classes!

Dan Cohn :Yoga has taught me about presence and authenticity. That's why my teaching focuses on getting out of our heads and becoming fully alive to what's real: the sound of our breath, the rhythm of our heartbeat, and the earth that supports our collective movement. I hope that every class opens space for us to explore the separation between who we are at our core and what we've told ourselves we're supposed to be. I draw inspiration from multiple traditions including Vinyasa, Baptiste, Kripalu, Prana Flow, Yin, and Restorative. I completed my Vinyasa Yoga RYT-200 certification with Jackie Mullen Mastro and Andrea Sewitsky of the kRtajJatA Yoga School. This certification includes attunement for Reiki healing levels I and II. I also hold a degree in public health from the University of Rochester. I look forward to seeing you on the mat. Namaste!Type your paragraph here.

Taylor bell bio coming soon. She is super energetic and loves to focus on the breath and has a real zest for teaching !

Shannon Nietzsche .Bio coming soon! Stay Tuned!

I am a certified 200 HR yoga teacher specializing in Vinyasa Flow and Yin style practices. After retiring from a 13 year competitive swimming career, I set out to try new forms of exercise. Originally finding yoga as a physical practice, it soon turned to a mental and spiritual outlet. Yoga became my medicine to cope with anxiety and stress in my marketing career. She set out to become a teacher to share the positive effects of a yoga practice to others. I focus my classes on lessons, mantras and techniques that can be used on and off the mat! With a consistent theme of positivity, empowerment and mental clarity, I challenge students both physically and mentally with breath awareness, strength and empowerment

Michelle Thomas Bio coming soon. But as you can see she loves her dog Oscar and if she could bring her dog with her to class everyday , she would! lol

Sherry came to her mat for the first time in April 2012 and hasn’t looked back. She said her first
class was the hardest thing she has ever done and barely made it through the one-hour beginner
class! Sherry says she has never been thin and throughout her life has tried to change her body
with all the latest and greatest diets and trends that she could find; shedding the weight and
ultimately returning to the body that was to be hers. She also knows there are many people out
there just like her, struggling to feel comfortable in their own skin with the bodies they were
given for their journey on this earth. Sherry knew she needed to bring the practice of yoga to
others who felt just like she did and started Yoga Teacher Training with Marni Task and
completed her 200-hour teacher training in May 2014 and is registered with the Yoga Alliance.
Sherry specializes in teaching beginners how to build body awareness and acceptance by
adapting her classes for all body shapes and sizes.   August 2014, Sherry became certified to
teach Yoga for Round Bodies. Sherry is also a Reiki Master and looks forward to incorporating Reiki into her classes.

Angie is a Licensed Zumba Instructor,and kettlebell AMPD trainer earning her license in September 2013.  Being overweight most of her life, approximately three years ago Angie decided to make some big changes in her life. She started eating better and learned about proper nutrition and portion control. Over the course of one year she lost 75 pounds and has kept it off; 2 years later! Doing Zumba definitely helped assist Angie in her weight loss journey and now she is super excited to share with people of all ages and sizes who wish to join her shaking it on the dance floor, Zumba-style! Angie brings high-energy, laughter and a sense of belonging to Zumba/Kettlebell AMPD classes, along with some great music that will definitely put some pep in your step whether you are a Zumba pro, or have two left feet!

Jessica : Yoga appeared to me at a time in my life when I needed it the most, It provided me with the ability to combine all that I love in life into one practice. I earned my 200hr teacher training in an aligned flow Vinyasa YTT in 2013 and currently study under the teacher Kino Macgregor learning Ashtanga . I am also a certified Zumba instructor and personal trainer. I believe firmly that you must honor where you are in your body and start the journey right from that place of honesty. It's my wish to give back to my students what Yoga has provided me , and that is freedom from physical and mental limitations. Yoga takes you that extra step and allows you to find self esteem and self love. I am proud to be the owner of The Source Yoga Studio. And will always work hard to bring the best to all my students.

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